What Are You Yearning For?

Your authentic self is calling.

Your body holds the story of your life. Your struggles, your trauma, your truth. I can help you listen, move through it, and heal.

About Kamela

Somatic Therapy

In my practice, I focus on the body, mind, emotions, and spirit. The body comes first, because it always tells the truth. Through talk, touch, movement, breath, and gesture, I work with you to slow down and bring attention to the stories that are driving you, and help you to honor those stories while crafting new ones. When you’re the one telling your own story, you put the power in your hands.

How I Can Help

LGBTQ+ Focused

I have deep ties to the polyamorous, kinky, and queer communities, and welcome clients who challenge the gender binary, love unconventionally, and practice ethical non-monogamy. I also help folks who have lived much of their lives conventionally, and are reaching out for more.


Trauma informs so much of contemporary life, whether it’s abuse/neglect, violence in relationships, or the cultural trauma of living in white supremacy and capitalism. Using principles of Somatic Experiencing, IFS, and Polyvagal Theory, I do my best to help you navigate trauma responses safely.

Bodywork Certified

My original training and certification is in Rubenfeld Synergy Method, a bodymind modality that combines talk and touch, and is a descendant of Alexander Technique, Feldenkrais Method, and Gestalt Therapy. I also bring long experience in theatre and movement, ritual, and kink.


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