My first presentation on Rubenfeld Synergy

Today I had the wonderful opportunity to present an intro to Rubenfeld Synergy Method to a group of practitioners of various body psychotherapy modalities: cranio-sacral people, Emotional-Kinesthetic Psychotherapy, lymphatic draining, and any number of things I’d sometimes heard of and sometimes hadn’t.  It was the perfect audience for a first-timer, as they were incredibly receptive and friendly, and mostly knew what I was talking about right away.

I found I really enjoyed and felt comfortable talking about the history of RSM, Ilana’s journey, the goals of the work, and how a session looks.  But I especially loved running the exercises I’d chosen for the group in listening to your own body, and learning how to listen to someone else’s.

It has always been amazing to me how easily RSM taps into deep emotional places, and how quickly.  I found myself terribly moved as these folks shared the messages that their shoulders had for them, or how a simple few moments of touching and listening to a part of themselves took them to a deeper level of the work they were doing already in another discipline.

Afterwards, I had them listen to one another in pairs, doing an exercise I learned in the training, and that is also in Ilana’s book, The Listening Hand. The idea is to put your hands on another person’s shoulder, first with the goal of finding and fixing whatever’s wrong with it.  After that, you approach the shoulder again, with an intention of simply listening.

While especially among a group of bodyworkers, the experience of “fixing” could still be pleasant, I was pleased to find the difference everyone seemed to feel when the intention was changed to listening.  One practitioner said that it was like learning a new language: putting your mind into your hands, so they just know where to go.  Another, a very experienced energy worker, said that they felt an energetic quality they hadn’t felt before, a sense of rocking as if to soothe, and the beginning of a letting go with very little effort.  And many of them easily awoke to the fact that even just that act of listening deeply, of becoming aware, can bring relief from pain.

I got a lot of great tips, a lot of interest, and best of all, got over the hump of talking about this work to a group for the first time!

Feeling a bit pleased with myself.  If you know of a group who might like to hear me speak about RSM, feel free to contact me!

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One thought on “My first presentation on Rubenfeld Synergy

  1. Bravo, Kamela! You’ve successfully completed a big milestone in building your practice. You’re blog post reminds me once again of the power of the listening touch we use in Rubenfeld Synergy. Trying to “fix” implies that there is something wrong. When we pay attention to the body through listening touch, without an agenda of fixing or finding something wrong, tensions melt and the body becomes freer. As the body becomes freer, our lives become freer. We discover that we have more options and can be truer to ourselves. All of this from listening to and respecting the body!

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