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Some days – especially Fridays, I think – you just need to go for the simple.  This was a weird week, with the holiday in the middle of it, and all the heat; I’m betting most people who are working today are slacking off a bit and waiting for the weekend, and the rest are off enjoying other things.  I was going to write something deeply philosophical, but I think instead I’ll share a few little things that are giving me joy.  Blessings-counting is good practice, anyway.

Rock climbing.  I saw a friend at the climbing gym yesterday, whom I’d also seen a couple of days before.  She smirked and said, “Hooked enough that you’re here more than once a week, huh?”  Yeah, sure seems that way.   I’m really loving the sensation of getting stronger, smarter, more confident.  For maybe the first time in an athletic endeavor, I look at hard routes and don’t think, “I’ll never be able to do that.”  I think, “Boy, won’t it be neat when I can do that.”

House of Leaves.  The book I’m currently reading, by Mark Danielewski.  It’s a postmodern tome, yes.  But it’s beautiful, terrifying, engrossing, and unlike any book I’ve ever read.  Its layers are dazzling, and the necessity of turning the book to read upside-down passages, the scratchouts and illustrations and collages and nested footnotes – it’s a book that demands you read it with your whole being.  (Also, the word “House” always appears in blue, as above, even in the name of the publisher (Random House) and when it’s in other languages.  I’ve come to think of it as part of the pronunciation of the word, and wonder how the word’s blueness could be communicated in speech.)

Sugar gliders.  I mean, seriously, look at them!

Really, look!

Are you back?

Okay, moving on.

Happy videos.  Actually, a Coke commercial of all things, showing wonderful things picked up by security cameras.  Well, they always have been good about making the touching commercials.  Found this at David’s blog.  Enjoy, everyone, and happy Friday.