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One of the most common questions a Rubenfeld Synergist might ask herself is: what is my body trying to tell me?

My body, I’m pretty sure, is saying SLOOOOOW DOOOOOWN.

I’m sick again this week, this time with a nasty cold.  Producing scintillating, or even mildly shiny, content under these circumstances is not likely.  And, I’ve set myself up for even more travel tomorrow.  I’ll be disappearing into the Colorado Rockies for a few days, which will hopefully be more relaxing and rejuvenating than stressful.  I’m counting on it, actually.

And so, I once again offer my apologies and let you know that I will return next week, Wednesday, with more Principles.  Until then, expect to see a couple of re-runs.

I wish you all good health and plenty of rest as the busy summer season draws to a close.