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Here’s my roundup of stuff I enjoyed this week in the ol’ blogosphere.

First, hovercraftdoggy per usual brings me all the pictorial love:

Scott Williams writes about humility and its crucial role in relationships: “I have come to understand that my personal self-worth, happiness, and completeness cannot be based on another fallible person. I have lived far too long trying to make other people love me, and failing. I have based too much of my self-worth on whether or not my spouse likes me at any particular moment. I am endeavouring, and I am not there yet, to find my security from within. I have this crazy idea that I need to get to a place where I do not need anyone to feel whole.”

A Passionate, Fragmentary Girl wonders if we can change the queer narrative in art: “Yes, there are many tragic queer stories. LGBT people are brutalized and murdered all the time. Brokeback Mountain does not tell an unrealistic story. But I think it’s critical that we stop and examine why the only popular gay romance story in film is one that ends in death.”

A blogger who got “Freshly Pressed” for the first time for this post: a hilarious review of a book with a really long title: “The professionals claim that the rules are simple: edit, edit some more.  Be prepared to kill your darlings; avoid clichéd turns of phrase like ‘kill your darlings’…Your characters say things, sometimes they may shout if the circumstances are appropriate: they do not exclaim, intimate, demand or do anything else that suggests you’ve engaged in the act of writing, which is gauche.”

Happy Friday, everyone.