Bouncing off of my Vulnerability and Shame post the other day, this post popped out at me as a beautifully simple, straightforward and inspiring take on Brene Brown’s original TED talk on vulnerability. Enjoy, and happy Friday.


Im not good enoughDo you have a sense of connection?

Do you have a sense of purpose and meaning in your life?

Do you have a sense of belonging?

Do you love and feel loved in return?

Or do you always feel like you’re always looking for ‘something’?

Come on.  Admit it.  How often does ‘I’m not worthy’ pop in to your head?  Or perhaps you think ‘I’m not good enough’?

Well according to Brené Brown, her research shows that underneath those little phrases is excruciating, absolutely excruciating vulnerability.  Paralysing fear and shame… of being seen, of connecting, of putting ourselves out there, and risking a response or an outcome we didn’t want.  Fear of looking stupid.  Fear of showing yourself up.  Fear of letting on you didn’t know something.  Fear of rejection.  Fear of being ‘found out’.  Fear of failure.  Fear of the unknown.

Brené Brown studies human connection — our…

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