A great description of a Rubenfeld session

One of the better descriptions I’ve seen of a first and second Rubenfeld Synergy session, performed by veteran Judy Swallow in New York on an experiential journalist who covers holistic health there.

Check it out here in the Poughkeepsie Journal.

Trigger warning: non-graphic description of childhood sexual abuse – and a healing from it.

Some highlights:

She asks what’s going on, and I tell her my shoulders feel like a wooden coat hanger, holding up the weight of the world. She asks me to imagine myself at a younger age when I started taking responsibility for everything, and I see myself at 9. She asks what I am wearing, and I see me in a yellow dress. She asks what I would tell Little Linda, and I say I don’t have to be so scared, that I should take chances, that I was going to grow up to be great….

Afterward, she helps me sit up, and I feel a little lightheaded, and light-hearted. She guides me around the room, and I can feel myself walking solidly, my arms hanging freely from my shoulders. It is an amazing feeling, as if I had just received an hour of intensive body work instead of just this light touch and talk….

By using bodily sensations as a metaphor for life experiences, Rubenfeld Synergy Method can dive into long-held emotions, pain and beliefs. Experiencing them in the here and now — not as a static story but as something you can shift — is powerful and liberating.


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