A fellow Synergist talks about freedom

I met my friend and colleague, Patricia Keeler, when we both arrived at Rubenfeld Synergy Training in May of 2008.  I was suspicious and guarded in what felt like a too touchy-feely atmosphere; she was open and sunny and full of rainbows.  We still laugh, to this day, about how much I was silently eye-rolling about her and about others in this group that made me feel so defensive.  It was only after several days in that world that I figured out that this training would be asking a lot of me, making me open up not just to my own darkness, but my own light.

Patricia is awesome, and thereafter, always cracked me up and moved me deeply.  In the course of the training she moved to Portland from my own home state of New Jersey, and is practicing there now.  On the 4th of July, I asked people on Facebook to comment on their definitions of freedom.  Patricia posted this, and I simply had to share.

Now I am ready to stay. To stay in Portland. To stay in a career. To build a home. To commit to things. And to keep expecting a huge amount from life. I am so blessed to be so truly free. I am not afraid of losing anything at all. Life brings anew. Again and again. Life brings new opportunities, people, love. Again and again.

Read the whole thing here.

Published by Kamela Dolinova

Expressive arts adventuress: writing, performing, healing, loving.

One thought on “A fellow Synergist talks about freedom

  1. Thank you Kamela! It’s quite an honor to be quoted here on your blog. Sunshine and rainbows and puppies and kitties, AND death and darkness and destruction and storms. Loving all of it… That is real freedom! You are a star, my dear. Keep on shining your brilliant light.

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