My wishes to you for the holidays

christmasIt’s a week until Christmas, for those who celebrate; two weeks until the New Year, and just a few days until the Winter Solstice, the longest night of the year. It’s a time when family and friends gather against the cold and the dark, which is the birth of every holiday that has sprung up around this time of year in the Northern Hemisphere. During this time, we need to hold tight to one another, as humans have done for warmth and companionship for untold millennia. In this festive yet often harried season, it’s easy to forget what we’re really celebrating.

Get some rest.

The holidays may not seem like a relaxing time for many: all the shopping, gift wrapping, cooking, decorating, and traveling we’re expected to do can become so stressful that we forget the “holiday” part.

Take some time to yourself. Find an empty room, a cup of hot chocolate, or whatever brings you comfort and joy. Close your eyes. Remember to breathe. Take a bubble bath. Make sure you’re getting enough sleep. Take a walk by yourself, or with one other person you trust. Give yourself the gift of centeredness.

Reconnect with loved ones.

I just wrote an article over at the sex and relationships site YourTango about 5 ways to get your juices flowing over the holidays. Go check it out, and learn how to keep charged in this stressful season.

Prepare for a bright new year.

This time is wonderful for clearing out the cobwebs, saying goodbye to old things that no longer serve you, and welcoming in the blessings of a new dawn. Though the time in the calendar may be arbitrary, the ritual around celebrating the new year has enough energy around it all over the world that it carries a kind of magic.

Do a ritual of release for the old year: burn representations of the things you want to let go of, clean out your closets and give old things to charity, raise a glass to things to come.

In the new year, look for more frequent updates from me, and a newly integrated blog and website. I look forward to keeping in better touch!

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Expressive arts adventuress: writing, performing, healing, loving.

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