Lovely day at the Theosophical Society’s Day of Healing and Insight

succulentI wanted to take a moment this week to that Janet Kessenich and Carolyn Romano at the Boston Theosophical Society again for asking me in to do their Day of Healing and Insight last Saturday! I got to put my hands on some people, help them listen to themselves, bring some relaxation and calm, and help most of them tune in to what’s really important for them right now.

It’s always interesting to do short sessions like that (these were 25 minutes start to finish). I feel like I had a better time containing them this time than I did a couple years ago when I did the summer event. Part of that was due to the help of my mentor Joan Brooks, who gave me great ideas for making RSM effective in such a brief window: focus it on one question the client is coming in with. Keep bringing it back to the body. Have them notice how they feel when they get on the table and how they feel before they get up. Ask them how the feelings they are having will help them in their lives.

It was useful and powerful, and I’m pleased that I had the opportunity. I hope that more folks will go and check out their events.

Published by Kamela Dolinova

Expressive arts adventuress: writing, performing, healing, loving.

4 thoughts on “Lovely day at the Theosophical Society’s Day of Healing and Insight

  1. Kamela – how lovely of you to post this note of thanks. On behalf of the TS Center, Carolyn, and myself – we were most appreciative of your gift of healing work and time to help our clients. And, since I got to be one of those clients, I can thank you “from the table.” Your work is gentle and powerful, insightful and respectful. I always benefit from it and know others do, too.

    1. Thank you! I took it a couple years ago in my yard; it’s a plant called Autumn Fire. In the spring it makes those little succulent leaves and, after a rain, they held those little drops just like jewels in a setting. I was very pleased by my iPhone’s abilities that day. 🙂

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