Somebody Hold Me

There’s a wonderful Kickstarter coming to a close today for a book called Somebody Hold Me. Epiphany Jordan (great name, right?) and her crew in Austin have started a touch practice, allowing people who don’t have enough contact in their lives to experience non-sexual, loving, and playful touch. I’m a big fan of this, as you can well imagine.

There aren’t nearly enough people out there working on this problem of modern life: that touch, outside of a sexual context, is absent from many lives. The research keeps stacking up showing that the need for human touch is profound, and that it continues throughout life.

The Kickstarter just funded, which pleases me, but go and check out the work that Jordan is doing to help people receive the touch they need – and if you feel so moved, make a pledge! Nothing like taking a project well over goal to show how critical an issue is.

Published by Kamela Dolinova

Expressive arts adventuress: writing, performing, healing, loving.

2 thoughts on “Somebody Hold Me

  1. Yes, great stuff, thank you! I attended a dance party in Jan. 2018 at which there was much “non-sexual, loving, and playful touch,” and it may have been the most fun I’ve had in my 56 years on this earth.

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