18 Principles will return tomorrow!

Today’s gotten away from me a little bit (isn’t that the way so much more with summer days than any other kind…?), as I’m getting ready to open a show in Providence tonight!  So I will be bringing you the next RSM principle as promised, but not until tomorrow. My apologies, but here’s hoping youContinue reading “18 Principles will return tomorrow!”

Sample RSM and other healing modalities for $20 each – this weekend!

This weekend, the Boston Theosophical Society will be hosting their Weekend of Healing and Insight.  This is a weekend-long event in Arlington, MA, where Reiki folks, reflexologists, massage therapists, energy healers, and other hands-on types will be at hand, volunteering their time and giving 25-minute sessions.  Each session costs you $20, which goes to supportContinue reading “Sample RSM and other healing modalities for $20 each – this weekend!”

Things that are bringing me happiness today

Some days – especially Fridays, I think – you just need to go for the simple.  This was a weird week, with the holiday in the middle of it, and all the heat; I’m betting most people who are working today are slacking off a bit and waiting for the weekend, and the rest areContinue reading “Things that are bringing me happiness today”

RSM Principles will return next week

I’ll be taking tomorrow to celebrate my independence in my own ways.  Here’s hoping you’ll all be doing the same, wherever you are. Next week, I’ll start back up with the series on the 18 principles of Rubenfeld Synergy.  (I’m up to number 12!)  I’ll be back on Friday with another post of some kind. Continue reading “RSM Principles will return next week”

Cultivating attention

Last week, I had the opportunity to visit the magnificent Sierra Mountains in northern California, and to spend a week in a little mountain resort community called Pinecrest.  While the amenities available at the site are lovely, our experience was reasonably rustic: my girlfriend and I holed up in the cabin her family owns, madeContinue reading “Cultivating attention”

Return from the mountains, and link round-up!

I’ve returned from the wilds of the California Sierra mountains, and am still in re-entry.  I plan to bring you a report on my trip and its lessons on Monday, but for now, here’s a collection of links I’ve had open for a while that I think relate well to my work. By the way,Continue reading “Return from the mountains, and link round-up!”

[Re-run] Moving from habit to choice

Today I came across this very simple and straightforward blog post from Kristen Barton Cuthriell about behaviors and consequences. The post is full of sound advice about what happens when you make particular choices, and how thinking through the consequences can help you make the right ones. A few examples: When you choose to stayContinue reading “[Re-run] Moving from habit to choice”

[Re-run] The “spirit” part of Rubenfeld Synergy

“Absolutely unmixed attention is prayer.” ~ Simone Weil I picked up this quotation from David Kanigan’s blog, and have been mulling it over ever since. Rubenfeld Synergy Method’s official, trademarked tagline is, “A dynamic system for the integration of body, mind, emotions and spirit.” Our teachers told us, however, that until our particular training, theContinue reading “[Re-run] The “spirit” part of Rubenfeld Synergy”

[Re-run] Hack Yourself

Sorting through some old emails yesterday, I found a link that a friend sent to me long ago, that I probably wasn’t ready for around then. Yesterday I clicked that link and, to my delight, it was still there. Or rather, its author – horror and fantasy writer Michael Montoure – had pulled it fromContinue reading “[Re-run] Hack Yourself”

[Rerun] So what if I am being defensive?

One of the favorite refuges of arguers and old-school psychotherapists everywhere is to invoke the old Freudian saw, “Why are you being so defensive?” Now while it’s true that sometimes, people are being defensive, this line of argument tends to be almost completely useless – unless your goal is to escalate the argument. Telling someoneContinue reading “[Rerun] So what if I am being defensive?”