Announcing my new range of services!

Things are in continuing revision here at Power In Your Hands, but I’ve just completed a pretty good version of the page for the audience I’ve been reaching lately. Take a look here to see my new, expanded range of services and the people I’m hoping to reach.   While I’m still in revisions, comments areContinue reading “Announcing my new range of services!”

More writing by me, in a new spot

I’ve been busy setting up my profile and getting some content going over at YourTango, a site that focuses on sex and relationship expertise.  My profile is right here, and so far I’ve mirrored a few of my posts from this blog to that one. The forum is slightly different than this one: I’ll mainlyContinue reading “More writing by me, in a new spot”

An informal poll: What’s the first thing you want to know?

Readers: when you are looking for a therapist, counselor, healing practitioner – basically someone you’re going to work on life, emotional, psychological or other such issues with, what are you looking to see on the first page of their website? That is, what do you want to know about a practitioner that’s going to makeContinue reading “An informal poll: What’s the first thing you want to know?”

New RSM site has launched, awesome video, and special offer!

There is finally a new website for Rubenfeld Synergy Method!  Emblazoned with the new slogan, “Befriend Your Body, Transform Your Life,” it is an easier to navigate, more informative and more beautiful site than the old one, and it more readily invites people in to understand what Rubenfeld Synergy is, how it can help, andContinue reading “New RSM site has launched, awesome video, and special offer!”

People into BDSM no longer considered mentally ill. Well it’s about time.

As reported by The National Coalition for Sexual Freedom, the makers of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, commonly known as the DSM, has released its new edition (DSM-5).  In previous editions, paraphilias – a catch-all term for “unusual” sexual desires falling under the umbrella of fetishes, BDSM, or kink – were basically consideredContinue reading “People into BDSM no longer considered mentally ill. Well it’s about time.”

Welcome, new readers, and thanks!

So, this little post kind of took off in the past couple of days, and in three days I’ve gotten more hits, I think, then I’d gotten previously total!  So thank you all for visiting, and I hope a lot of you will stick around!  I talk here about Rubenfeld Synergy Method – a talkContinue reading “Welcome, new readers, and thanks!”

Free Workshop in April!

Everyone – but especially any readers in the tri-state area: Joe Weldon and Noel Wight – two of my heroes in this work and the heads of the Rubenfeld Synergy Training Institute – are holding a workshop on Friday, April 24 in New Brunswick ahead of the INARS professional conference.  If you want to reallyContinue reading “Free Workshop in April!”

Join my mailing list!

I sent out my March newsletter today, and I wanted to encourage people reading to sign up for my mailing list.  It’s low-volume – you’ll receive a message each week for a month, then a monthly newsletter and the occasional special mailing.  You can unsubscribe at any time. I like to be in touch withContinue reading “Join my mailing list!”

Cuddling FTW

The research on touch continues to mount.  Fact is, the more loving touch you get, the healthier you are. I’m going out of town tomorrow for a week with a couple of loved ones, to visit one of my favorite cities in the world and then to attend a conference about magic, pagan spirituality, andContinue reading “Cuddling FTW”