Anything Can Happen

This spring, I’m working on a new choral piece with the Back Bay Chorale, called Anything Can Happen.  The five-movement work is by the young Arab-American composer Mohammed Fairouz, and is based around three poems by Seamus Heaney, and two sections of the Arabic Injeel, the equivalent to the New Testament.  The result is aContinue reading “Anything Can Happen”

$20 Intro Session Deal is coming to an end!

Everyone, if you’re in my area and want to try Rubenfeld Synergy Method, you have only a few days left to receive your first session for only $20. I’ve been running this deal for some time, but it’s getting to be time to retire it.  Contact me before February 1, however, and I’ll set youContinue reading “$20 Intro Session Deal is coming to an end!”

Summer slowdown…and first-session deal

It’s August 1, classically a first-harvest festival in European and Euro-influenced cultures.  It’s also the middle of the summer, and that means a lot of people are traveling, on vacation, or at least enjoying a slower schedule. I’m still here, and still working hard to get the word out about the work that I doContinue reading “Summer slowdown…and first-session deal”

18 Principles will return tomorrow!

Today’s gotten away from me a little bit (isn’t that the way so much more with summer days than any other kind…?), as I’m getting ready to open a show in Providence tonight!  So I will be bringing you the next RSM principle as promised, but not until tomorrow. My apologies, but here’s hoping youContinue reading “18 Principles will return tomorrow!”

Sample RSM and other healing modalities for $20 each – this weekend!

This weekend, the Boston Theosophical Society will be hosting their Weekend of Healing and Insight.  This is a weekend-long event in Arlington, MA, where Reiki folks, reflexologists, massage therapists, energy healers, and other hands-on types will be at hand, volunteering their time and giving 25-minute sessions.  Each session costs you $20, which goes to supportContinue reading “Sample RSM and other healing modalities for $20 each – this weekend!”

Off to refresh and revive

Folks, I’m leaving Monday morning early on a week-and-change odyssey to the wilds of Northern California, to spend time in wine country and in the ancestral mountain cabin belonging to my girlfriend’s family.  Very excited about this, and also very aware that for the majority of it, I will be out of cell reception andContinue reading “Off to refresh and revive”

Please join my mailing list!

I’ve recently started a mailing list with Constant Contact, and begun a newsletter series with June.  When you sign up, you’ll begin receiving messages once a week for a month, sharing exercises for listening to your body, opening your heart, and getting in touch with your emotions. Thereafter, you’ll simply receive a newsletter once aContinue reading “Please join my mailing list!”

Reminder: Intro to RSM at Omega in two weeks!

The weekend of June 15-17, Joe Weldon and Noel Wight will be presenting Spirit Embodied: An Introduction to Rubenfeld Synergy Method, at the lovely Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY.  This is a chance to get together with two masters of this incredible healing craft, watch them work, potentially be worked on, and learn the fundamentalsContinue reading “Reminder: Intro to RSM at Omega in two weeks!”

The 18 Principles, and my newsletter

If you haven’t been reading long, you may not know about the series I’m writing on the 18 Principles of Rubenfeld Synergy. The start of the series is here, and the rest follow on from there. The original post has been updated with links to the first five, which I’ve written already; the remaining 13Continue reading “The 18 Principles, and my newsletter”