Holiday ephemera

It’s Christmas Eve, and I thought I’d share a few of the things that make this time of year work for me.  True, these days I’m a practicing Pagan and celebrate Yule, which I did the other night with flame and food and reading and watching most of the night through for the sunrise.  ButContinue reading “Holiday ephemera”

On the Solstice, contemplating the concept of faith

Today is the Winter Solstice – the shortest day, and the longest night, of the year.  Mayan Calendar nonsense notwithstanding, pagans tend to celebrate this night as Yule, the time when the old sun dies and is reborn anew.  We stay up all night, tending candles and fires, carrying the light through the long dark. Continue reading “On the Solstice, contemplating the concept of faith”

Funerals for six-year-olds, or, moving some of that emotion through

For all my compassion and concern for humanity and its state, oftentimes I find myself feeling closed off from larger events, the kind that get national attention: hurricanes, earthquakes, bombings in Gaza, shootings in Colorado.  The media bombard us with images, coverage, analysis, and repetition of all of the suffering, exploding, and ghastliness, and IContinue reading “Funerals for six-year-olds, or, moving some of that emotion through”

Days of imperfection

Days like this. I wake up later than I meant to, having drunk more wine than I meant to last night.  I’m about to start an antibiotic that requires I don’t drink at all: some silly part of me wants to “enjoy myself” before the fast; some dark part of me wants to make myselfContinue reading “Days of imperfection”

GROUND series will return next week

Hi everyone.  I’ve been doing NaNoWriMo this month, and it’s taking a lot out of me, creatively speaking.  For those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s short for National Novel Writing Month, which is every year in November.  During that month, the challenge is to write 50,000 words – a novel-length work. Continue reading “GROUND series will return next week”

Trauma and streaming, or, why I was shaking this morning after falling down the stairs

Yes, this morning I fell down the stairs.  I had put on comfy fuzzy socks, and was looking at my phone a little, and my foot slipped and I tumbled down a half-flight to the landing, bracing myself with my left hand.  My forearm got bruised up and I’m still figuring out what’s going onContinue reading “Trauma and streaming, or, why I was shaking this morning after falling down the stairs”

Fearless, together and free: an afternoon at Double Edge Theatre

Yesterday, I had the distinct pleasure of participating in Double Edge Theatre’s Open Training, out in the wilds of Ashfield, MA.  The Berkshires are lovely this time of year, of course, but what I got to experience was far more than the usual New England leaf-peep.  Rather, I had my body worked, my mind expanded,Continue reading “Fearless, together and free: an afternoon at Double Edge Theatre”

The things that shift me

From a coffee shop in Somerville, I text to a loved one, “Grey and white clouds blowing in a fall breeze, good French roast, and Death Cab on the speakers.  Good day so far.” On Friday afternoon, in the depths of a never-ending rainstorm, I wrote in a more personal journal what a hard dayContinue reading “The things that shift me”

The path of self-compassion

I’m lucky enough to be in both a real-time and online community that is made of awesome, and one of the awesomest bits is my friend Michel, who shared a bit today on the Googleface about self-compassion.  That is, as another wise woman commented, the ability to treat yourself as you would treat a dearContinue reading “The path of self-compassion”

“Bent,” and nearly shattered

For the past month or so, I’ve been helping out on a production of Bent, a Martin Sherman play about gays in the Holocaust.  Theatre@First, my local community theatre, is performing it, and the director asked me to assist.  In rehearsals, I once again found myself in one of my favorite activities: working with talentedContinue reading ““Bent,” and nearly shattered”