The Classic Sequence: First Touch at the Head

As promised, I’m beginning my series on the Classic Sequence of moves in a Rubenfeld Synergy session.  The first move is a gentle touch at the head, and in this post I’ll describe the quality of that touch, the reasons we do it, and what we’re attempting to determine from it. A word on theContinue reading “The Classic Sequence: First Touch at the Head”

Going outside your body to find your body: transgender gamers

Someone very close to me is a game designer, and has taught me a lot about this fast-evolving world and its possibilities.  This morning he sent me this article, about transgender gamers and their experiences in online video games.  (As usual, I strongly advise not reading the comments, which are rage-inducing.)  Many things moved meContinue reading “Going outside your body to find your body: transgender gamers”

How does a session look? The Classic Sequence

In a typical Rubenfeld Synergy session, particularly a first session, Synergists will often use what’s called the “classic sequence” of moves.  It’s how Ilana tends to move when doing demo sessions with strangers, and it’s how I tend to approach new clients – as well as how I might continue to at least begin sessionsContinue reading “How does a session look? The Classic Sequence”

Anxiety, pain, and listening to your body

One thing I hear a lot when I talk about listening to your body is that people don’t want to.  They have pain, or they have anxiety, or they have mobility difficulties, and they’d sooner be distracted from their bodies then pay attention to them.  Some studies even show that being distracted can reduce pain,Continue reading “Anxiety, pain, and listening to your body”

Spring returning

The temperature is rising, it’s nearly April, and I’ve been seeing tulips everywhere.  I feel the sap rising in me, as well, and it feels possible that this long, hard winter is truly at an end. I’ll be returning to more regular writing.  In particular, next week I’d like to introduce a series on theContinue reading “Spring returning”

Free Workshop in April!

Everyone – but especially any readers in the tri-state area: Joe Weldon and Noel Wight – two of my heroes in this work and the heads of the Rubenfeld Synergy Training Institute – are holding a workshop on Friday, April 24 in New Brunswick ahead of the INARS professional conference.  If you want to reallyContinue reading “Free Workshop in April!”

Vulnerability and shame

Last week, I saw a client for the first time, and she had a profound experience on the table.  Afterwards, she asked me what she could expect to get out of this work, and I answered as best I could.  In the moment, though, I was thinking: how could she not see? That client hasn’tContinue reading “Vulnerability and shame”

How touching saves lives

I stumbled across this beautiful article today, by Dr. Alex Lickerman, a Buddhist physician.  He tells the story of an ER patient who was so terrified of needles that the prospect of having her blood drawn had her shaking, rigid, and in tears.  Not knowing what else to do, the doctor took her hand, whichContinue reading “How touching saves lives”

Blog Year’s Eve – My Top 15

  Tomorrow is the 1st anniversary of the start of this blog.  When I began, I wanted a place to talk about this amazing work, to explain some of its principles, and tell client stories.  What it’s become is far more comprehensive, and, as might have been predicted, more holistic.  I’ve enjoyed talking about theContinue reading “Blog Year’s Eve – My Top 15”

Crashing your car isn’t so fun

Last night, I got into a car accident.  I was driving from Amherst, where I was seeing a play, back to Medford, where I live, and somewhere on Route 2, the tires just came out from under me.  It was snowing fairly seriously; it hadn’t been sticking on the roads in Amherst, and when IContinue reading “Crashing your car isn’t so fun”