The power of touch

Yesterday, I got to spend three hours seeing back-to-back Rubenfeld Synergy clients at the Weekend of Healing and Insight, a fundraising event for the Theosophical Society of Boston.  I saw six people, for 25 minutes each, with barely a break in-between. This was more awesome than I imagined it would be. Synergy sessions are generallyContinue reading “The power of touch”

Principles of RSM #12: Pleasure needs to be supported to balance pain

This week’s principle is probably one of the easiest to understand.   Oftentimes, whether in therapy, medicine, or bodywork, we have the tendency to focus on the negative.  The reasons are obvious: we’re at the doctor or the massage therapist or the psychologist to get relief from what’s troubling us.  Sure, we get checkups atContinue reading “Principles of RSM #12: Pleasure needs to be supported to balance pain”

Sample RSM and other healing modalities for $20 each – this weekend!

This weekend, the Boston Theosophical Society will be hosting their Weekend of Healing and Insight.  This is a weekend-long event in Arlington, MA, where Reiki folks, reflexologists, massage therapists, energy healers, and other hands-on types will be at hand, volunteering their time and giving 25-minute sessions.  Each session costs you $20, which goes to supportContinue reading “Sample RSM and other healing modalities for $20 each – this weekend!”

[Re-run] Moving from habit to choice

Today I came across this very simple and straightforward blog post from Kristen Barton Cuthriell about behaviors and consequences. The post is full of sound advice about what happens when you make particular choices, and how thinking through the consequences can help you make the right ones. A few examples: When you choose to stayContinue reading “[Re-run] Moving from habit to choice”

[Re-run] The “spirit” part of Rubenfeld Synergy

“Absolutely unmixed attention is prayer.” ~ Simone Weil I picked up this quotation from David Kanigan’s blog, and have been mulling it over ever since. Rubenfeld Synergy Method’s official, trademarked tagline is, “A dynamic system for the integration of body, mind, emotions and spirit.” Our teachers told us, however, that until our particular training, theContinue reading “[Re-run] The “spirit” part of Rubenfeld Synergy”

[Re-run] Hack Yourself

Sorting through some old emails yesterday, I found a link that a friend sent to me long ago, that I probably wasn’t ready for around then. Yesterday I clicked that link and, to my delight, it was still there. Or rather, its author – horror and fantasy writer Michael Montoure – had pulled it fromContinue reading “[Re-run] Hack Yourself”

[Rerun] So what if I am being defensive?

One of the favorite refuges of arguers and old-school psychotherapists everywhere is to invoke the old Freudian saw, “Why are you being so defensive?” Now while it’s true that sometimes, people are being defensive, this line of argument tends to be almost completely useless – unless your goal is to escalate the argument. Telling someoneContinue reading “[Rerun] So what if I am being defensive?”

Principles of RSM #11: The body is the sanctuary of the soul

In case you were wondering, gentle reader: yes, this is the other Rubenfeld Synergy Method principle I find hard to explain to those atheists, physicalists, and scientists in my life.  Heck, I find it a bit hard to explain to myself – certainly harder than number 7, about the energy field.  That one I haveContinue reading “Principles of RSM #11: The body is the sanctuary of the soul”

My first presentation on Rubenfeld Synergy

Today I had the wonderful opportunity to present an intro to Rubenfeld Synergy Method to a group of practitioners of various body psychotherapy modalities: cranio-sacral people, Emotional-Kinesthetic Psychotherapy, lymphatic draining, and any number of things I’d sometimes heard of and sometimes hadn’t.  It was the perfect audience for a first-timer, as they were incredibly receptiveContinue reading “My first presentation on Rubenfeld Synergy”

Principles of RSM #10: The body tells the truth

One of the chief signs of an integrated person is that their body, mind, emotions and spirit are in agreement.  This is hardly something that can happen all the time, but as we work on ourselves, we hopefully find that we are aligned in our actions, the majority of the time.  But most of usContinue reading “Principles of RSM #10: The body tells the truth”