Giving thanks in rough times

In a few days, many people in the United States will celebrate Thanksgiving, a holiday as rife with problems as it is with traditions. At the best of times, Thanksgiving is a special dinner with family and friends, but also a reminder of our whitewashed narratives of the violent colonialism that is the true storyContinue reading “Giving thanks in rough times”

Holistic Practitioners Roundtable, Nov. 11 and 18

On the next two Wednesday nights, Nov. 11 and 18, nine other practitioners and I will be offering a free roundtable discussion on Zoom. Come listen to somatic therapists, herbalists, and others talk about how they’re helping their clients find stability and strength during this stressful time. I’ll be speaking on November 18, though IContinue reading “Holistic Practitioners Roundtable, Nov. 11 and 18”

May’s newsletter

If you haven’t joined my mailing list yet…you should! I’ve started issuing monthly newsletters again, and I just put out May’s. In addition, you can keep up with blog updates, be apprised of my workshops and other Synergy-related events in the area, and get great pictures like this one, from my own back yard: IContinue reading “May’s newsletter”

Tools for making my workshops more powerful: a critical review of my own Embodied Consent Workshop last month

  Last month, I gave a workshop on Embodied Consent, which I talked about a lot in this space. It went relatively well, but I had some criticism for myself, and I’m looking forward to doing it – and other workshops – again with this greater knowledge. So what didn’t I like? I thought IContinue reading “Tools for making my workshops more powerful: a critical review of my own Embodied Consent Workshop last month”

Come have a sample session this Saturday in Arlington!

This Saturday, the Theosophical Society is holding their annual Day of Healing and Insight. This means that there are a bunch of practitioners of various modalities hanging out in one place, and you can pay $25 to have a 25-minute session with any of them! Well, this time I’m included in this, and I’ll beContinue reading “Come have a sample session this Saturday in Arlington!”

I would hear the word whispered to me in simple moments

Originally posted on Live & Learn:
“…Instead, I found that in quiet, ordinary, every day life, I would hear the word whispered to me in simple moments: give that car the room to merge ahead; give that person your full attention – remain quiet and let them talk; spend a few moments in conversation with…

How can you keep those resolutions going?

Happy New Year! For many, coming out of the dark time of the Winter Solstice and into the New Year is a time of renewal. After the excesses of the holidays, we look back at the year behind us and make promises to ourselves. This year, we say, we’ll be better. Stronger, fitter, thinner, richer.Continue reading “How can you keep those resolutions going?”

My wishes to you for the holidays

It’s a week until Christmas, for those who celebrate; two weeks until the New Year, and just a few days until the Winter Solstice, the longest night of the year. It’s a time when family and friends gather against the cold and the dark, which is the birth of every holiday that has sprung upContinue reading “My wishes to you for the holidays”