Gender and Sexuality

Do Any Of These Sound Like You?IMG_0334

You're lonely.  

Unfulfilled.  Even if you’re in a relationship, you feel misunderstood, solitary.  Your desires are so strong, so specific – but they’re also terrifying.  What if there’s something wrong with me?  What if my partner hates me for wanting these things?  Or worse: what if I never get to feel as loved and whole as I know I would, if only someone could see me?

Come back to your body, and connect with your desire and your truth.

You're cut off.

Disconnected.  You want to be touched, but you feel everything too much – or not at all.  Besides, nobody would want to be with you: you’re too broken.  Or that’s what you tell yourself.  Either you’re numb, or sensation and emotion come flooding in, overwhelming you.  How can you ever be close with someone again?

Return to your body, release your trauma, and relearn the joy of contact.

You feel wrong. 

You try to live the way society tells you to, you try to be good.  But every day is a struggle.  You know there’s a person inside you, the real you, fighting to get out.  But you think that if you did anything about it, the world would fly apart. What if you can never make who you are on the inside match who you are on the outside?

Get to know your body, and learn how loving yourself can help you transform your life.

I help people who are exploring questions of sexuality, gender expression, and relationship styles to accept themselves in their beauty and strength, so they can experience loving connection in their lives. 

Whether you are struggling with gender expression, sexual orientation, desire for multiple partners, BDSM or kink, or other desires that are outside the mainstream, I am here to listen, to educate, to guide, and to help you integrate the parts of you that are currently closed off.

If you are ready to make a change, fill out the form below to make an appointment with me today for gender transformation and/or comportment coaching, shopping consults, kink consults (for singles, couples or groups), or Rubenfeld Synergy for body and sexual acceptance.  A free 15-minute phone consultation is available.

If this sounds like you, but you’re not ready, join my mailing list for regular updates on how to connect with your most authentic self.

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