Gender Consults

women-149577_640Do you need a safe place to dress and behave in the way that makes you feel most comfortable? Would you like to be more convincing in the gender you wish to present to the world? Or do you just need a place where someone will see you, and listen to you, as you explore transforming your gender in private? Do you want to look at your own body differently, with more love and acceptance, even when it doesn’t match how you feel on the inside?

I provide a haven for those who are differently gendered, whether transgender, genderqueer, cross-dressing, or still unsure. In this type of appointment you can talk, dress, receive Synergy, or explore movement in a way that makes you feel most comfortable. As an actor and director, I can also provide instruction on achieving more masculine or feminine movements and behaviors.

Gender Consult: $65-100 an hour, sliding scale.

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