Double Edge, again: becoming one with presence

Yesterday, I spent more time with the wonderful folks at Double Edge Theatre, out in Ashfield, MA.  Their highly physical Open Trainings, as I’ve described here before, are rigorous, inspirational, and transformative, and I would encourage anyone who is not mobility-challenged to try one. Here are some moments from this one, particularly as they relateContinue reading “Double Edge, again: becoming one with presence”

“We are missing the experience of our own being.”

I had a great article passed along to me today from the Sun, which I’ve since subscribed to.  Called “Out of Our Heads,” it is an interview between writer and filmmaker Amnon Buchbinder, and author Philip Shepherd, on his book New Self, New World: Recovering Our Senses in the 21st Century.  Most key to my interests,Continue reading ““We are missing the experience of our own being.””

Anxiety, pain, and listening to your body

One thing I hear a lot when I talk about listening to your body is that people don’t want to.  They have pain, or they have anxiety, or they have mobility difficulties, and they’d sooner be distracted from their bodies then pay attention to them.  Some studies even show that being distracted can reduce pain,Continue reading “Anxiety, pain, and listening to your body”

Join my mailing list!

I sent out my March newsletter today, and I wanted to encourage people reading to sign up for my mailing list.  It’s low-volume – you’ll receive a message each week for a month, then a monthly newsletter and the occasional special mailing.  You can unsubscribe at any time. I like to be in touch withContinue reading “Join my mailing list!”

The Lion and the Lamb: Finding Our Center

Apologies for missing Wednesday’s post; it’s been a bit of a crazy week.  Here’s a piece I wrote for this month’s Befriend Your Body Newsletter; go to the box at the bottom of this page if you’d like to start receiving it. It’s March, and the long, snow-filled winter seems to be promising an endContinue reading “The Lion and the Lamb: Finding Our Center”

Sandy Hook, the gun control narrative, and sitting with pain

Today, I recognize that the horrible elementary school shooting in Sandy Hook, CT, is the one thing everyone is talking about, and with good reason.  27 people are dead, 18 of them children, at last count.  Even with the rash of random shootings in the past little while, this feels like a new low, aContinue reading “Sandy Hook, the gun control narrative, and sitting with pain”

Discovery, curiosity, and the dangers of labeling

Today I’m celebrating my 100th post!  I’m also bringing my GROUND of RSM series to a close, with the final letter: D for Discovery. Discovery is probably my favorite of the foundational RSM concepts.  In our training, it was set against the D that is far more common in the medical and psychology world: Diagnosis. Continue reading “Discovery, curiosity, and the dangers of labeling”

This Week’s Favorite Thing: Cosmic Habituation

I’m going to endeavor to post whatever thing or things really fascinated me in a given week on Fridays. This week, it was a Radiolab Short: I listen to this excellent podcast while I do my workouts.  In this 16-minute short, a scientist describes a phenomenon called the decline effect: in essence, the phenomenon inContinue reading “This Week’s Favorite Thing: Cosmic Habituation”

Everything waits to be noticed

We’re almost to the end of our series on the GROUND of RSM.  So far I’ve covered Gentleness, Respect, Openness, and Understanding.  The ‘N’ stands for Noticing, and like all the others, is a foundational aspect of our work in Rubenfeld Synergy Method. Noticing is about more than simple observation, although that is the beginningContinue reading “Everything waits to be noticed”