Somebody Hold Me

There’s a wonderful Kickstarter coming to a close today for a book called Somebody Hold Me. Epiphany Jordan (great name, right?) and her crew in Austin have started a touch practice, allowing people who don’t have enough contact in their lives to experience non-sexual, loving, and playful touch. I’m a big fan of this, asContinue reading “Somebody Hold Me”

Friday Favorites – Humility, Picaresqueness, Queer Narratives, and Balloons Goslings

Here’s my roundup of stuff I enjoyed this week in the ol’ blogosphere. First, hovercraftdoggy per usual brings me all the pictorial love: Scott Williams writes about humility and its crucial role in relationships: “I have come to understand that my personal self-worth, happiness, and completeness cannot be based on another fallible person. I haveContinue reading “Friday Favorites – Humility, Picaresqueness, Queer Narratives, and Balloons Goslings”

Things that are bringing me happiness today

Some days – especially Fridays, I think – you just need to go for the simple.  This was a weird week, with the holiday in the middle of it, and all the heat; I’m betting most people who are working today are slacking off a bit and waiting for the weekend, and the rest areContinue reading “Things that are bringing me happiness today”