What if we could not waste one more moment hating our bodies?

A moving column in CNN last month revealed the thing that the dying often regret the most: all the time they spent hating their own bodies. Kerry Egan, a hospice chaplain, shared her experiences of talking with the dying. A 75-year-old woman dying of cancer just wants one more piece of caramel cake. But herContinue reading “What if we could not waste one more moment hating our bodies?”

“It should not take everything you have to turn down someone’s offer for sex.”

This article today struck me as important enough to post about here, touching as it does on consent culture, rape apologism, and most importantly, the clarity that we need to have with ourselves and others if we are ever to move beyond blaming victims and demonizing perpetrators to a model of restorative justice. Highlights, andContinue reading ““It should not take everything you have to turn down someone’s offer for sex.””

Some middle ground for treating pedophiles?

This week on Medium, a long article went around that told the story of a 16-year-old boy who realized that he was sexually attracted to young children. Rather than demonizing such non-offending pedophiles, the article follows his efforts not only to stop himself from hurting children, but to help others like him. The pressure notContinue reading “Some middle ground for treating pedophiles?”

Working with Sexuality: Arousal in session

There are a number of issues that come about when working with clients around sexuality, and there are a few that are especially relevant to Rubenfeld Synergy, as it involves touch.  The most obvious of these is a client becoming sexually aroused during a session. During the second year of my training, I began toContinue reading “Working with Sexuality: Arousal in session”

Working with sexuality

It doesn’t take a bodyworker to tell you that sexuality is a touchy topic in modern life.  Sex is one of the driving forces of our human existence, and its prominence in what drives us is evident equally in the suggestive images and messages that bombard us daily, and in the repressive messages we stillContinue reading “Working with sexuality”

A great description of a Rubenfeld session

One of the better descriptions I’ve seen of a first and second Rubenfeld Synergy session, performed by veteran Judy Swallow in New York on an experiential journalist who covers holistic health there. Check it out here in the Poughkeepsie Journal. Trigger warning: non-graphic description of childhood sexual abuse – and a healing from it. SomeContinue reading “A great description of a Rubenfeld session”