How to get high on life. No, seriously.

This week I dug this post by Mark Sisson, ex-marathoner and current loud advocate of what he calls a Primal lifestyle. While his dietary recommendations only somewhat work for me, I really love his attitude, writing style and sense of humor, and keep returning to his blog for inspiration. Getting “high on life” may soundContinue reading “How to get high on life. No, seriously.”

Sometimes, the things that make me smile are the simplest

Today I stumbled across this post, titled simply, “The mind/body connection thing? Believe it.” It’s a brief meditation by an older man who started exercising late in life (at 57) and has found that it has improved his overall happiness profoundly. I’m a little in love with this paragraph: My old, existential, pessimistic brain probablyContinue reading “Sometimes, the things that make me smile are the simplest”