A great description of a Rubenfeld session

One of the better descriptions I’ve seen of a first and second Rubenfeld Synergy session, performed by veteran Judy Swallow in New York on an experiential journalist who covers holistic health there. Check it out here in the Poughkeepsie Journal. Trigger warning: non-graphic description of childhood sexual abuse – and a healing from it. SomeContinue reading “A great description of a Rubenfeld session”

Gardening, or, Doing What Makes You Happy

Yesterday, I spent a few hours out on the patio around the old, drained pool that accompanies my house.  Slowly, and in as cost-effective a way as possible (read: free), we’re filling the pool to make it into a garden bed.  Until then, though, we’re managing a bunch of containers, and yesterday was the firstContinue reading “Gardening, or, Doing What Makes You Happy”

The stories we tell ourselves

A few days ago, I came across a fantastic post about narrative, and how easy it is, given that we’re narrative creatures with storytelling in our DNA, to tell the same stories over and over about things, even when they aren’t true. The title of the post is “‘We Have Always Fought’: Challenging the ‘Women,Continue reading “The stories we tell ourselves”

Join my mailing list!

I sent out my March newsletter today, and I wanted to encourage people reading to sign up for my mailing list.  It’s low-volume – you’ll receive a message each week for a month, then a monthly newsletter and the occasional special mailing.  You can unsubscribe at any time. I like to be in touch withContinue reading “Join my mailing list!”

Cuddling FTW

The research on touch continues to mount.  Fact is, the more loving touch you get, the healthier you are. I’m going out of town tomorrow for a week with a couple of loved ones, to visit one of my favorite cities in the world and then to attend a conference about magic, pagan spirituality, andContinue reading “Cuddling FTW”

Finding my ideal clients

I’m currently taking a course with my mentor, Joan Brooks, on marketing.  It was something of a struggle for me to begin it, I’ll admit, and I’m finding myself dragging my feet, too, in getting the homework assignments done.  Let’s face it: marketing just isn’t all that sexy.  It’s not the thing that we goContinue reading “Finding my ideal clients”

The Bus To Now

Happy New Year, everyone. I’ve been out of contact for some time, as the holidays were especially rich this year. This year, I’m hoping to have something new for you every Monday, Wednesday and Friday; I hope you’ll stick around. Last night, as I was driving back from my parents’ place in New Jersey, IContinue reading “The Bus To Now”

Discovery, curiosity, and the dangers of labeling

Today I’m celebrating my 100th post!  I’m also bringing my GROUND of RSM series to a close, with the final letter: D for Discovery. Discovery is probably my favorite of the foundational RSM concepts.  In our training, it was set against the D that is far more common in the medical and psychology world: Diagnosis. Continue reading “Discovery, curiosity, and the dangers of labeling”

Sometimes, the things that make me smile are the simplest

Today I stumbled across this post, titled simply, “The mind/body connection thing? Believe it.” It’s a brief meditation by an older man who started exercising late in life (at 57) and has found that it has improved his overall happiness profoundly. I’m a little in love with this paragraph: My old, existential, pessimistic brain probablyContinue reading “Sometimes, the things that make me smile are the simplest”

Openness: the dance of receiving and relating

Not long ago, Joe and Noël did a workshop at one of the INARS conferences with a bunch of Synergists.  Joe asked them what they felt was the most important thing they could bring to their clients, or some such question, and he was surprised that many people said, “I need to be completely open.” Continue reading “Openness: the dance of receiving and relating”