Blog Year’s Eve – My Top 15

  Tomorrow is the 1st anniversary of the start of this blog.  When I began, I wanted a place to talk about this amazing work, to explain some of its principles, and tell client stories.  What it’s become is far more comprehensive, and, as might have been predicted, more holistic.  I’ve enjoyed talking about theContinue reading “Blog Year’s Eve – My Top 15”

The four powers of the Synergist

A colleague responded recently to my post on finding my ideal clients by talking about the four needs of attachment theory.  In short, a client needs the same things from a therapist or Synergist that a child needs from a caregiver – or an adult from a loving relationship.  I’ll simply quote my friend here:Continue reading “The four powers of the Synergist”

Not Actually A Psychotherapist

Earlier this month, I made a post about finding my ideal clients in which I implied, near the end, that I’m a body psychotherapist.  (The exact quotation was, “If you were looking for help from a body psychotherapist, what would you hope they could do for you?”  Which admittedly was more about finding out whatContinue reading “Not Actually A Psychotherapist”

Finding my ideal clients

I’m currently taking a course with my mentor, Joan Brooks, on marketing.  It was something of a struggle for me to begin it, I’ll admit, and I’m finding myself dragging my feet, too, in getting the homework assignments done.  Let’s face it: marketing just isn’t all that sexy.  It’s not the thing that we goContinue reading “Finding my ideal clients”

The Bus To Now

Happy New Year, everyone. I’ve been out of contact for some time, as the holidays were especially rich this year. This year, I’m hoping to have something new for you every Monday, Wednesday and Friday; I hope you’ll stick around. Last night, as I was driving back from my parents’ place in New Jersey, IContinue reading “The Bus To Now”

[Holiday Rerun]…And what is “energy” anyway?

Last week, I posted a question as to whether Rubenfeld Synergy Method is energy work.  Ultimately, I think it is not, though sometimes what some call “energy” enters into it.  The problem, I posited, is that what energy workers call “energy” is not something that can be proven to exist, or quantified by science.  Therefore,Continue reading “[Holiday Rerun]…And what is “energy” anyway?”

[Holiday Rerun] Is Rubenfeld Synergy “energy work”?

This work that I do tends to attract the interest of, and yet fall just outside of, two major groups of practices.  One, and the one that I tend to try and cultivate more, is the psychology/therapy side of things.  I think of RSM as a kind of body psychotherapy, in fact, and group itContinue reading “[Holiday Rerun] Is Rubenfeld Synergy “energy work”?”

Funerals for six-year-olds, or, moving some of that emotion through

For all my compassion and concern for humanity and its state, oftentimes I find myself feeling closed off from larger events, the kind that get national attention: hurricanes, earthquakes, bombings in Gaza, shootings in Colorado.  The media bombard us with images, coverage, analysis, and repetition of all of the suffering, exploding, and ghastliness, and IContinue reading “Funerals for six-year-olds, or, moving some of that emotion through”

Sandy Hook, the gun control narrative, and sitting with pain

Today, I recognize that the horrible elementary school shooting in Sandy Hook, CT, is the one thing everyone is talking about, and with good reason.  27 people are dead, 18 of them children, at last count.  Even with the rash of random shootings in the past little while, this feels like a new low, aContinue reading “Sandy Hook, the gun control narrative, and sitting with pain”

Days of imperfection

Days like this. I wake up later than I meant to, having drunk more wine than I meant to last night.  I’m about to start an antibiotic that requires I don’t drink at all: some silly part of me wants to “enjoy myself” before the fast; some dark part of me wants to make myselfContinue reading “Days of imperfection”