The four powers of the Synergist

A colleague responded recently to my post on finding my ideal clients by talking about the four needs of attachment theory.  In short, a client needs the same things from a therapist or Synergist that a child needs from a caregiver – or an adult from a loving relationship.  I’ll simply quote my friend here:Continue reading “The four powers of the Synergist”

On the Solstice, contemplating the concept of faith

Today is the Winter Solstice – the shortest day, and the longest night, of the year.  Mayan Calendar nonsense notwithstanding, pagans tend to celebrate this night as Yule, the time when the old sun dies and is reborn anew.  We stay up all night, tending candles and fires, carrying the light through the long dark. Continue reading “On the Solstice, contemplating the concept of faith”