The fitness industry’s war against your body

I have long been suspicious of the fitness industry, and in particular the more recent, particularly self-punishing styles of workout that have become so popular.  For my own part, I believe in eating whole foods, indulging from time to time, and being as active as you can in a way that doesn’t cause injury.  I’veContinue reading “The fitness industry’s war against your body”

Anxiety, pain, and listening to your body

One thing I hear a lot when I talk about listening to your body is that people don’t want to.  They have pain, or they have anxiety, or they have mobility difficulties, and they’d sooner be distracted from their bodies then pay attention to them.  Some studies even show that being distracted can reduce pain,Continue reading “Anxiety, pain, and listening to your body”

How touching saves lives

I stumbled across this beautiful article today, by Dr. Alex Lickerman, a Buddhist physician.  He tells the story of an ER patient who was so terrified of needles that the prospect of having her blood drawn had her shaking, rigid, and in tears.  Not knowing what else to do, the doctor took her hand, whichContinue reading “How touching saves lives”

Days of imperfection

Days like this. I wake up later than I meant to, having drunk more wine than I meant to last night.  I’m about to start an antibiotic that requires I don’t drink at all: some silly part of me wants to “enjoy myself” before the fast; some dark part of me wants to make myselfContinue reading “Days of imperfection”

“Bent,” and nearly shattered

For the past month or so, I’ve been helping out on a production of Bent, a Martin Sherman play about gays in the Holocaust.  Theatre@First, my local community theatre, is performing it, and the director asked me to assist.  In rehearsals, I once again found myself in one of my favorite activities: working with talentedContinue reading ““Bent,” and nearly shattered”

Principles of RSM #15: Confusion facilitates change

Nobody likes being confused.  It’s disorienting, frustrating, and sometimes frightening.  We also know that it’s hard to take in new information or function effectively when we’re confused: most people are familiar with the experience of trying to tell someone one thing while looking at different words on a screen, or trying to drive somewhere newContinue reading “Principles of RSM #15: Confusion facilitates change”

Laughter study at UCLA shows how humor can boost the immune system

An study at UCLA is experimenting with how laughter might help kids with cancer and other painful diseases to manage pain better, recover from it faster, and generally have stronger immune systems. The study is ongoing at UCLA’s Jonsson Cancer Center, through a nonprofit project called Rx Laughter.  Its pilot study on kids presented resultsContinue reading “Laughter study at UCLA shows how humor can boost the immune system”

Sickness and self-care

This past Wednesday night, as I arrived at my rehearsal for the musical I’m in, I was struck with a headache bad enough to make me also feel nauseous.  Accompanying this delightful development were some hot flashes, dizziness, and weakness.  I struggled through the rehearsal, then went home and collapsed.  I slept through most ofContinue reading “Sickness and self-care”

Massage Therapy Boosts the Immune System of Cancer Patients
 – Guest Post

The lovely Melanie Bowen of the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance Blog contacted me not too long ago, wanting to guest post in this space about the power of healing touch to help cancer patients.  While this article is specifically about massage therapy, I have also known patients to get a lot of benefit out of RubenfeldContinue reading “Massage Therapy Boosts the Immune System of Cancer Patients
 – Guest Post”

Principles of RSM #12: Pleasure needs to be supported to balance pain

This week’s principle is probably one of the easiest to understand.   Oftentimes, whether in therapy, medicine, or bodywork, we have the tendency to focus on the negative.  The reasons are obvious: we’re at the doctor or the massage therapist or the psychologist to get relief from what’s troubling us.  Sure, we get checkups atContinue reading “Principles of RSM #12: Pleasure needs to be supported to balance pain”