When your body is a prison

I had the pleasure recently of listening to Invisibilia, the relatively new podcast that spun off from Radiolab with Lulu Miller. The first episode concerns thoughts – one of the many invisible forces that powerfully influence our lives. The second story in the podcast follows a very bright young man named Martin, who, at 12,Continue reading “When your body is a prison”

“Sometimes we save each other”

Since it seems to be Radiolab week or something at this here blog, and since I’m running about a bit with a wonderful houseguest, today I give you yet another link from those good folks: the story of the spider on the frog on the turtle.  (There’s pictures, too.) (In fact, even if you don’tContinue reading ““Sometimes we save each other””

Touch at a distance

Jumping off of Radiolab for the second time this week (as I’ve been listening to it rather obsessively), I’m meditating today on the concepts of sound and touch – both of which are essential to Rubenfeld Synergy Method – and learning that they are more powerfully related than one might think. Ilana Rubenfeld, the founderContinue reading “Touch at a distance”