Working with love

Given that I work with individuals most of the time and my work tends to involve a massage table and touch, it’s probably hard to imagine how I work with couples or groups. But given that I also sometimes work with sexuality, I do sometimes have the occasion to work with couples who need helpContinue reading “Working with love”

More writing by me, in a new spot

I’ve been busy setting up my profile and getting some content going over at YourTango, a site that focuses on sex and relationship expertise.  My profile is right here, and so far I’ve mirrored a few of my posts from this blog to that one. The forum is slightly different than this one: I’ll mainlyContinue reading “More writing by me, in a new spot”

Brief, but important.

A question I mean to put in my upcoming marketing materials, which the fabulous Julie Connor helped me crystallize the other day: People who are exploring questions of gender, sexuality, or relationship styles…How would it feel to live comfortably, securely and proudly in your body for who you are? I think that pretty much saysContinue reading “Brief, but important.”

Friday Favorites – Humility, Picaresqueness, Queer Narratives, and Balloons Goslings

Here’s my roundup of stuff I enjoyed this week in the ol’ blogosphere. First, hovercraftdoggy per usual brings me all the pictorial love: Scott Williams writes about humility and its crucial role in relationships: “I have come to understand that my personal self-worth, happiness, and completeness cannot be based on another fallible person. I haveContinue reading “Friday Favorites – Humility, Picaresqueness, Queer Narratives, and Balloons Goslings”