My first presentation on Rubenfeld Synergy

Today I had the wonderful opportunity to present an intro to Rubenfeld Synergy Method to a group of practitioners of various body psychotherapy modalities: cranio-sacral people, Emotional-Kinesthetic Psychotherapy, lymphatic draining, and any number of things I’d sometimes heard of and sometimes hadn’t.  It was the perfect audience for a first-timer, as they were incredibly receptiveContinue reading “My first presentation on Rubenfeld Synergy”

Principles of RSM #10: The body tells the truth

One of the chief signs of an integrated person is that their body, mind, emotions and spirit are in agreement.  This is hardly something that can happen all the time, but as we work on ourselves, we hopefully find that we are aligned in our actions, the majority of the time.  But most of usContinue reading “Principles of RSM #10: The body tells the truth”

Please join my mailing list!

I’ve recently started a mailing list with Constant Contact, and begun a newsletter series with June.  When you sign up, you’ll begin receiving messages once a week for a month, sharing exercises for listening to your body, opening your heart, and getting in touch with your emotions. Thereafter, you’ll simply receive a newsletter once aContinue reading “Please join my mailing list!”

Reminder: Intro to RSM at Omega in two weeks!

The weekend of June 15-17, Joe Weldon and Noel Wight will be presenting Spirit Embodied: An Introduction to Rubenfeld Synergy Method, at the lovely Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY.  This is a chance to get together with two masters of this incredible healing craft, watch them work, potentially be worked on, and learn the fundamentalsContinue reading “Reminder: Intro to RSM at Omega in two weeks!”

Principles of RSM #9: The body is a metaphor

In Rubenfeld Synergy Method, we like to say that the story of our bodies is the story of our lives.  Like most storytellers, the body uses metaphors to tell that story.  The way we language our experiences, the expressions we use in everyday life, bear this out.  Our feet tell the story of our senseContinue reading “Principles of RSM #9: The body is a metaphor”

Principles of RSM #8: Touch is a viable system of communication.

Touch can communicate so much. When a baby, who cannot understand speech, is held and cuddled in calming arms, its system begins to slow down and match the calm rhythms of the caretaker. The touch of a lover can be electrifying. Touching a friend who is grieving can help them release some of the grief;Continue reading “Principles of RSM #8: Touch is a viable system of communication.”

Principles of RSM #7: The body’s energy field and life force exist and can be sensed.

Of all of the principles of Rubenfeld Synergy, this is the one I have the most trouble explaining. There are few subjects that set some of my friends off more than a discussion of “energy,” as it evokes a wifty, woo-woo concept that has no scientific basis. All of that being said, I have tooContinue reading “Principles of RSM #7: The body’s energy field and life force exist and can be sensed.”

Principles of RSM #5: The ultimate responsibility for change rests with the client

This principle is perhaps more straightforward and easy to explain than some of the others, as it relies on an expression we’ve all heard: you can’t change someone who doesn’t want to change. Blogger Suzanne Ashkam recently posted this gem about nurturance, and the tendency of many of us to try and shape and moldContinue reading “Principles of RSM #5: The ultimate responsibility for change rests with the client”

“First, go for a swim”: When the mind-body connection doesn’t go far enough

A column in the Guardian late last week put words to something I’ve been considering for some time: if we are integrated creatures, can we go on thinking of our bodies as something separate from ourselves? Oliver Burkeman succinctly unpacks the problem of how modern humans tend to regard their own senses of self: manyContinue reading ““First, go for a swim”: When the mind-body connection doesn’t go far enough”

So what if I am being defensive?

One of the favorite refuges of arguers and old-school psychotherapists everywhere is to invoke the old Freudian saw, “Why are you being so defensive?” Now while it’s true that sometimes, people are being defensive, this line of argument tends to be almost completely useless – unless your goal is to escalate the argument. Telling someoneContinue reading “So what if I am being defensive?”