Principles of RSM #4: Change occurs in the present moment

During one module of my training, Ilana Rubenfeld visited us and taught for part of the week. She told stories, ran exercises, and most importantly, did demos. Watching Ilana work is a bit like magic at times; she makes the method she created look like wizardry as she delves deep into a client’s experience withContinue reading “Principles of RSM #4: Change occurs in the present moment”

Toward a new theory of depression

Yesterdays’ New York Times Magazine contains a long article by Siddhartha Mukherjee detailing the history of the serotonin theory of depression, and a newly emerging theory about neuron generation. The whole thing is very much worth the read, and opens a number of fascinating questions and possibilities about what it is that causes what writerContinue reading “Toward a new theory of depression”

Hack Yourself

Sorting through some old emails yesterday, I found a link that a friend sent to me long ago, that I probably wasn’t ready for around then. Yesterday I clicked that link and, to my delight, it was still there. Or rather, its author – horror and fantasy writer Michael Montoure – had pulled it fromContinue reading “Hack Yourself”

Principles of RSM #3: Awareness is the first key to change

“The unexamined life is not worth living.” -Socrates This principle is one of my favorites, and in fact I sometimes think it should be the first principle of Rubenfeld Synergy. All of the principles, I think, are equally important, but this one just has so much juice in it. Why? Because all the bodywork andContinue reading “Principles of RSM #3: Awareness is the first key to change”

Principles of RSM #2: The body, mind, emotions and spirit are dynamically interrelated.

As the years go on, scientific research continues to mount showing the truth of this simple principle: the body, mind, emotions and spirit are dynamically interrelated. What we feed our bodies, how well we sleep and how often we exercise all have profound affects on common mental disorders like depression and anxiety. Feelings of loveContinue reading “Principles of RSM #2: The body, mind, emotions and spirit are dynamically interrelated.”