A safe space to speak your truth: how do we cultivate safety?

Many of my readers will likely have heard the term “safe space.”  This phrase is sometimes used as a term of art in therapeutic circles, referring to a place where people can speak freely and honestly without fear of judgment or ridicule, but it is also often used in communities organized around oppression – i.e.,Continue reading “A safe space to speak your truth: how do we cultivate safety?”

Shelter in place

Today the weirdness around the Boston Marathon bombings continues, as Boston and surrounding areas are in lockdown, the police are on a supermilitarized manhunt, and residents are being ordered to stay inside with their doors locked.  I am just outside the lockdown area (by a town), and I for one will be going out ofContinue reading “Shelter in place”

“What can I expect to get from this?”

I saw a new client last week, a lovely woman who was really primed for the work.  She was ready to make a change in her life, and hadn’t found psychotherapy to be all that helpful to her.  She was looking for some other way to heal, connect, and shift her life in the rightContinue reading ““What can I expect to get from this?””