Just breathe.

I had a great insight from a client this week, and as usual, it was something so simple, yet so hard to grasp for most people. ┬áIlana Rubenfeld used to talk about “a-ha moments,” and a wonderful classmate of mine in the Rubenfeld training talked about “duh-huh moments.” Coming to realizations like this can seemContinue reading “Just breathe.”

Sometimes, the things that make me smile are the simplest

Today I stumbled across this post, titled simply, “The mind/body connection thing? Believe it.” It’s a brief meditation by an older man who started exercising late in life (at 57) and has found that it has improved his overall happiness profoundly. I’m a little in love with this paragraph: My old, existential, pessimistic brain probablyContinue reading “Sometimes, the things that make me smile are the simplest”