What was taken from you? Where do we get it back?

This weekend, we focused on soul: what feeds us, where we feel at home, how we connect to passion, to center, to power, to connection itself. As part of that, we talked about the thwarts to passion: what does your passion call you to do, and what gets our way?

An important learning from this was that most of the time, the thing thwarting us is not of us. We may have internalized it, sure, but it was something done to us. “Something taken out of my soul. Something I would never lose. Something somebody stole.” Or, something somebody put there, something that doesn’t belong, that we should never have been forced to carry.

Seek balance. Find what’s important. Fulfill.

Think globally, but act locally. Plan for the future, but act in the present. Dream of all the masterpieces you’d be thrilled to create, but work on just one at a time. Lust for every enticing soul you see, but only make love to the imperfect beauty you’re actually with. Allow yourself to be flooded with every last feeling that bubbles up from yourContinue reading “Seek balance. Find what’s important. Fulfill.”

Principles of RSM #11: The body is the sanctuary of the soul

In case you were wondering, gentle reader: yes, this is the other Rubenfeld Synergy Method principle I find hard to explain to those atheists, physicalists, and scientists in my life.  Heck, I find it a bit hard to explain to myself – certainly harder than number 7, about the energy field.  That one I haveContinue reading “Principles of RSM #11: The body is the sanctuary of the soul”