The Classic Sequence: First touch at the feet

I seem to have left behind this series, describing the progression of the so-called Classic Sequence of moves in Rubenfeld Synergy, quite some time ago, and I’m not entirely sure why.  Therefore, I am taking this moment to continue it.  Please click the above link for a list of moves that I’ve written about thusContinue reading “The Classic Sequence: First touch at the feet”

Working with Sexuality: Decoupling touch and sex

In a previous post, I mentioned how often, especially for men, touch can be linked up in their bodies with sex.  In our current society, unfortunately, we have a disordered relationship to touch.  When we are tiny children, if we are lucky, our parents and other caregivers touch us all the time.  We are carried,Continue reading “Working with Sexuality: Decoupling touch and sex”

Working with Sexuality: Arousal in session

There are a number of issues that come about when working with clients around sexuality, and there are a few that are especially relevant to Rubenfeld Synergy, as it involves touch.  The most obvious of these is a client becoming sexually aroused during a session. During the second year of my training, I began toContinue reading “Working with Sexuality: Arousal in session”

The art of asking

Amanda Palmer, late of the Dresden Dolls and ever-itinerant, fascinating, fearless musician and artist, did a TED talk in which she shows how she got people to pay for music in the digital age – by asking them. This talk reminds me how difficult it is for people to connect with each other, social mediaContinue reading “The art of asking”

We live in a touch-starved society.

We live in a touch-starved society. I loved this blog post on xoJane about the need for casual touch with friends.  It may be an unpopular thing these days, but it makes a lot of sense, given that, well, we’re primates.  We need a lot of touch, and I think that our society would beContinue reading “We live in a touch-starved society.”

The Classic Sequence: First Touch at the Head

As promised, I’m beginning my series on the Classic Sequence of moves in a Rubenfeld Synergy session.  The first move is a gentle touch at the head, and in this post I’ll describe the quality of that touch, the reasons we do it, and what we’re attempting to determine from it. A word on theContinue reading “The Classic Sequence: First Touch at the Head”

The healing power of music

I’ve written here before about how music touches lives, opens hearts, and even brings back memory.  Music may not be entirely unique to humans, but it is definitely a primal need: throughout our history, music has soothed us, aided us in celebration and in mourning, been indispensable in our rituals, driven cultural revolutions, fueled protests,Continue reading “The healing power of music”

How touching saves lives

I stumbled across this beautiful article today, by Dr. Alex Lickerman, a Buddhist physician.  He tells the story of an ER patient who was so terrified of needles that the prospect of having her blood drawn had her shaking, rigid, and in tears.  Not knowing what else to do, the doctor took her hand, whichContinue reading “How touching saves lives”

“What can I expect to get from this?”

I saw a new client last week, a lovely woman who was really primed for the work.  She was ready to make a change in her life, and hadn’t found psychotherapy to be all that helpful to her.  She was looking for some other way to heal, connect, and shift her life in the rightContinue reading ““What can I expect to get from this?””

[Re-run] How do we do listening touch with someone who can’t hear?

Last night, I had the pleasure and challenge of working with a client, Sue*, who is completely deaf.  I will admit, first off, that I don’t have a lot of experience with deaf people; while I’ve long been fascinated by sign language, I haven’t happened to have many interactions with people who are deaf.  SomeContinue reading “[Re-run] How do we do listening touch with someone who can’t hear?”