Cuddling FTW

The research on touch continues to mount.  Fact is, the more loving touch you get, the healthier you are. I’m going out of town tomorrow for a week with a couple of loved ones, to visit one of my favorite cities in the world and then to attend a conference about magic, pagan spirituality, andContinue reading “Cuddling FTW”

How do we do listening touch with someone who can’t hear?

Last night, I had the pleasure and challenge of working with a client, Sue*, who is completely deaf.  I will admit, first off, that I don’t have a lot of experience with deaf people; while I’ve long been fascinated by sign language, I haven’t happened to have many interactions with people who are deaf.  SomeContinue reading “How do we do listening touch with someone who can’t hear?”

Touch at a distance

Jumping off of Radiolab for the second time this week (as I’ve been listening to it rather obsessively), I’m meditating today on the concepts of sound and touch – both of which are essential to Rubenfeld Synergy Method – and learning that they are more powerfully related than one might think. Ilana Rubenfeld, the founderContinue reading “Touch at a distance”

Principles of RSM #8: Touch is a viable system of communication.

Touch can communicate so much. When a baby, who cannot understand speech, is held and cuddled in calming arms, its system begins to slow down and match the calm rhythms of the caretaker. The touch of a lover can be electrifying. Touching a friend who is grieving can help them release some of the grief;Continue reading “Principles of RSM #8: Touch is a viable system of communication.”