Anxiety, pain, and listening to your body

One thing I hear a lot when I talk about listening to your body is that people don’t want to.  They have pain, or they have anxiety, or they have mobility difficulties, and they’d sooner be distracted from their bodies then pay attention to them.  Some studies even show that being distracted can reduce pain,Continue reading “Anxiety, pain, and listening to your body”

Crashing your car isn’t so fun

Last night, I got into a car accident.  I was driving from Amherst, where I was seeing a play, back to Medford, where I live, and somewhere on Route 2, the tires just came out from under me.  It was snowing fairly seriously; it hadn’t been sticking on the roads in Amherst, and when IContinue reading “Crashing your car isn’t so fun”

How Rubenfeld Synergy helped me work with actors

Back in 2009, I worked on a production of The Winter’s Tale that was my first full-length production in years.  I was 34 years old, and I found out two things that were amazingly helpful.  One was that I still had a sense of all the technical skills needed to do the job of directing:Continue reading “How Rubenfeld Synergy helped me work with actors”

Understanding: getting literal with it

Happy almost-Thanksgiving, everyone here in the States!  As we ease into the holidays, I want to return to the GROUND series, especially since we all need a bit of extra grounding during this time.  Today, then, we bring it to U.  🙂 The ‘U’ in GROUND is for ‘Understanding,’ something that all therapists strive forContinue reading “Understanding: getting literal with it”

Cellular memory: a literal example

Cellular memory, or body memory, is something Rubenfeld Synergists talk about quite a bit, though the idea is currently generally regarded as a pseudoscience. However, a 2008 article in the journal Nature reveals that slime molds – organisms like amoebas which are unicellular, but have multiple nuclei – actually have remarkable memory and recall ofContinue reading “Cellular memory: a literal example”

Openness: the dance of receiving and relating

Not long ago, Joe and Noël did a workshop at one of the INARS conferences with a bunch of Synergists.  Joe asked them what they felt was the most important thing they could bring to their clients, or some such question, and he was surprised that many people said, “I need to be completely open.” Continue reading “Openness: the dance of receiving and relating”

Trauma and streaming, or, why I was shaking this morning after falling down the stairs

Yes, this morning I fell down the stairs.  I had put on comfy fuzzy socks, and was looking at my phone a little, and my foot slipped and I tumbled down a half-flight to the landing, bracing myself with my left hand.  My forearm got bruised up and I’m still figuring out what’s going onContinue reading “Trauma and streaming, or, why I was shaking this morning after falling down the stairs”

The path of self-compassion

I’m lucky enough to be in both a real-time and online community that is made of awesome, and one of the awesomest bits is my friend Michel, who shared a bit today on the Googleface about self-compassion.  That is, as another wise woman commented, the ability to treat yourself as you would treat a dearContinue reading “The path of self-compassion”

Principles of RSM #16: Altered states of consciousness can enhance healing

I’m almost to the end of the Principles of RSM series: after this, there are only two more!  If anyone has an awesome suggestion for another series of things I could write about on a weekly basis, please contact me! When I talk about altered states of consciousness, I imagine that many people think ofContinue reading “Principles of RSM #16: Altered states of consciousness can enhance healing”

[Re-run] Just what does a Rubenfeld Synergy session look like, anyway? – Part 1

(Part 2 is here.) The more I talk to people, and the more I write on this topic, the more I find that people tend to have trouble wrapping their minds around what Rubenfeld Synergy is, and what kind of experience they will have if they come and see me.  Offering six 25-minute sample sessionsContinue reading “[Re-run] Just what does a Rubenfeld Synergy session look like, anyway? – Part 1”