Summer slowdown…and first-session deal

It’s August 1, classically a first-harvest festival in European and Euro-influenced cultures.  It’s also the middle of the summer, and that means a lot of people are traveling, on vacation, or at least enjoying a slower schedule.

I’m still here, and still working hard to get the word out about the work that I do and its value to my clients.  I’m also offering a first session for $20, in an effort to build my business.  If there’s anyone you think should know about this – please, spread the word!

But I’m taking yet another trip in the next week and change, and may not be able to update regularly.

I’ll have Internet access, so please – feel free to contact me to set up sessions, comment on my blog posts, and otherwise keep in touch.  I just can’t guarantee my regular MWF posting schedule until after I’m back, August 12.

Until then – enjoy the ongoing beauty of this season, and celebrate whatever you’re harvesting this year!

Published by Kamela Dolinova

Expressive arts adventuress: writing, performing, healing, loving.

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