Cuddling FTW

The research on touch continues to mount.  Fact is, the more loving touch you get, the healthier you are.

I’m going out of town tomorrow for a week with a couple of loved ones, to visit one of my favorite cities in the world and then to attend a conference about magic, pagan spirituality, and connection.  I’m looking forward to concentrated time with said loved ones, as well as ritual, connection, touch, music, and yes, cuddling with the brothers and sisters of my tradition.  Days of learning, of craft, and of ecstasy.

I’ll be running some repeats while I’m away, and I look forward to getting back to you beautiful people when I return.

Love, and plenty of touch, to you all.

Published by Kamela Dolinova

Expressive arts adventuress: writing, performing, healing, loving.

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