Master Synergists Joe Weldon and Noel Wight introducing RSM at Omega in June

My teachers and mentors in this wonderful work, Joe Weldon and Noel Wight, will be teaching an introduction to Rubenfeld Synergy at the Omega Institute in June.

Omega was the place where I did so many of the trainings – long weeks from Sunday to Sunday eating vegan food and dealing with the tumbledown buildings. But the landscape is beautiful at every time of year, the lake glitters in the early morning, and the sacred spaces that the staff makes all over the campus are always delightful and serene. There are also regular yoga, tai chi, and dance classes available to people staying on campus for a program.

Joe and Noel are absolutely brilliant healers and amazing people – Joe a warm, fatherly and incisive presence, full of terrifically bad puns and bottomless compassion; Noel a laser beam of insightfulness and clarity, bringing reverence and magnifying the eternal in each individual.

I hope that you will register for and attend what is bound to be an amazing, transformative weekend.

Published by Kamela Dolinova

Expressive arts adventuress: writing, performing, healing, loving.

2 thoughts on “Master Synergists Joe Weldon and Noel Wight introducing RSM at Omega in June

  1. Omega is certainly a must for everyone to experience AND then Joe Weldon, Noel Wight and Rubenfeld Synergy make it a MUST MUST!

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