Blog Year’s Eve – My Top 15

Birthday candle, Downpatrick, July 2010 

Tomorrow is the 1st anniversary of the start of this blog.  When I began, I wanted a place to talk about this amazing work, to explain some of its principles, and tell client stories.  What it’s become is far more comprehensive, and, as might have been predicted, more holistic.  I’ve enjoyed talking about the arts here, and how they relate to this work, as well as sharing the various things that move me throughout my days.

Right now, though, in a kind of celebration, I’d like to do a round-up of those posts I think have been most crucial in making this work clear.  I hope that those of you who haven’t been reading from the beginning will take a look at this retrospective, and thanks to all of you who have joined me over the past year.

Posts About How Rubenfeld Synergy Works

1. The Principles of Rubenfeld Synergy – An Introduction.  This post introduces, and links to, all 18 of my writings on the 18 principles.  For a really comprehensive look at the fundamentals of this work, check it out.

2. Moving From Habit to Choice.  A post on one of the touted benefits of this work.

3. Make a Move, Change A Thought.  What can fear teach us?

4. Just What Does a Rubenfeld Synergy Session Look Like, Anyway?  In two parts, a description of how a typical session goes.

Posts About the Science Related To Our Work

5. Toward a New Theory of Depression

6. How Love, Trust and Empathy Can Be Contagious

7. Treating the Whole Person: Autism, Science and Skepticism

8. How Music Brings People Back to Life

Rubenfeld Synergy and The Arts

9. Fail Better: The Joys of Gentle and Respectful Leadership. On the Back Bay Chorale and our fearless leader, Scott Allen Jarett.

10. Moving and Being Moved: Rubenfeld and Performing Shakespeare.  What Patrick Stewart has to teach me about this work.

11. Fearless, Together, and Free: An Afternoon at Double Edge Theatre.  The experience of movement based theatre and its relationship to the work.

The Spiritual Side

12. The Spirit Part of Rubenfeld Synergy.  What do we mean by “spirit”?

13. And What Is “Energy” Anyway?  Grappling with the notion of energy, chi, prana…

Personal Journeys

14. Rock Climbing for Body, Mind, Emotions and Spirit.  How rock climbing helped me get over feeling like an un-athletic schlub, and how holistic an experience it is.

15. The Things That Shift Me.  A catalogue of little things, and getting through the hard days.


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