The Power of April Fool’s

Today, in the US at least, we celebrate that divine silliness which is April Fool’s Day.  The Internet brings us its usual bevy of pranks, your office manager might have swapped out the salt for the sugar in the break room, and weird Uncle Larry, who never quite got the whole April Fool thing, isContinue reading “The Power of April Fool’s”

“Sometimes we save each other”

Since it seems to be Radiolab week or something at this here blog, and since I’m running about a bit with a wonderful houseguest, today I give you yet another link from those good folks: the story of the spider on the frog on the turtle.  (There’s pictures, too.) (In fact, even if you don’tContinue reading ““Sometimes we save each other””

Laughter study at UCLA shows how humor can boost the immune system

An study at UCLA is experimenting with how laughter might help kids with cancer and other painful diseases to manage pain better, recover from it faster, and generally have stronger immune systems. The study is ongoing at UCLA’s Jonsson Cancer Center, through a nonprofit project called Rx Laughter.  Its pilot study on kids presented resultsContinue reading “Laughter study at UCLA shows how humor can boost the immune system”

Principles of RSM #13: Humor can lighten and heal

Following on the last principle that pleasure needs to be supported in order to balance pain, this principle focuses directly on humor as an especially key type of pleasure.  Besides being a talented musician and a gifted healer, Ilana Rubenfeld has always been something of a cutup, and throughout her life has used humor asContinue reading “Principles of RSM #13: Humor can lighten and heal”

Principles of RSM #12: Pleasure needs to be supported to balance pain

This week’s principle is probably one of the easiest to understand.   Oftentimes, whether in therapy, medicine, or bodywork, we have the tendency to focus on the negative.  The reasons are obvious: we’re at the doctor or the massage therapist or the psychologist to get relief from what’s troubling us.  Sure, we get checkups atContinue reading “Principles of RSM #12: Pleasure needs to be supported to balance pain”

The secret to happiness is right here

The magnificent Mark Morford, fabulous columnist for the SF Gate, offered up this fanstastic article about the power of gratitude, not just for the good things, but for everything. Some highlights: Be cynical if you want. Be jaded and sneery and think the world is a razor blade of anger and pain, just waiting toContinue reading “The secret to happiness is right here”

Make a move, change a thought

What little thing can you change about your life today? As someone who struggles with occasional dysthymia and fatigue, I think about this often. It’s all too easy to become trapped in habit, and forget that there is always choice. Sometimes it’s remarkable how doing something different can shake things up and cause change. WakingContinue reading “Make a move, change a thought”